Tips for handling a divorce with no children

Going through a childless divorce in Minnesota may seem much easier than a divorce that involves kids, but don’t assume that the lack of children equals an easy simple, seamless process. Childless divorces have their own challenges. Following are some tips for making things a bit easier on yourselves if you’re divorcing without children.

“De-couple” your social media

Couples don’t realize how much their social media identities are intertwined until they’re heading for divorce. Once you’ve made the decision to divorce, you need to separate your social media accounts. Make sure that you disconnect from joint accounts so that there are no posts that could be misinterpreted down the road. Remain civil even if things are difficult emotionally so that your divorce remains as amicable as possible.

Divide up your assets

Another key step in the divorce process is to start working on dividing up your assets. This includes figuring out what will happen with your property, savings and even debts. You will need to come to an agreement with your spouse about who gets what. Be aware that if you are unable to reach an agreement, the court may make its own ruling.

Figure out what will happen with your marital residence

Once you’ve divided your assets, the next step will be to figure out what will happen with your residence. If you own a home, you will need to decide if someone will continue to live in the residence and who will be responsible for paying the mortgage. If you are renting, you will need to figure out who will get to stay in the rental for the remainder of the lease as well as the person responsible for paying the rent. If you can’t reach an agreement with your spouse, the court will make a decision for you.

Divorce is a difficult process to go through even if you don’t have children. By getting the support you need and trying to work together as much as possible, the splitting-up process may be less difficult to navigate.