Simplifying The Legal Process Of Divorce And Family Law For Our Clients

A Simpler Way To Divorce

Getting a divorce does not mean that you have to undergo long, drawn-out battles in a courtroom while hoping to get a portion of your desired outcomes. Instead of choosing the timely and costly option to end a marriage, there may be a less stressful path that better suits your needs. With the help of a skilled attorney, you can settle things on your own terms.

Divorce Options That Can Save You Time And Stress

Conflict-less Divorce

If you’re looking for a simple solution for your amicable divorce or conflict-less, sometimes referred to as friendly, cooperative or collaborative divorce, family law attorney Tara L. Smith can prepare the documents reflecting the agreement terms you have reached with your spouse and will guide you through the court process to finalize your divorce.

This streamlined service works well when spouses have already reached a complete agreement on all issues, including asset and debt division as well as custody, parenting time, and financial support for a child or spouse, if applicable. If there are concerns related to domestic violence, a power imbalance, mental health or addiction, or there is a lack of trust between you and your spouse, this service is not appropriate for you. As attorneys are ethically prohibited from representing two people, one spouse enters a legal engagement with Smith Family Law PLLC for this service.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

If you’re looking for a voluntary and confidential way to amicably resolve any outstanding legal issues arising from your divorce, separation or other post-decree matter, Smith Family Law PLLC represents and guides clients through varying methods of alternative dispute resolution before going to court. These ADR methods include mediation, Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE), and Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE). In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates communication between participants to promote settlement. In early neutral evaluation, a neutral evaluator(s) offers experience-based impressions and feedback to facilitate prompt resolution of any custody and parenting time issues (SENE) or financial issues (FENE). ADR methods like these empower you to create an agreement in a private setting that best meets your goals and your children’s best interests.

At Smith Family Law PLLC, attorney Tara Smith provides skilled and reliable guidance for her clients from her Edina office. She is fluent in Minnesota divorce laws and ready to help you and your spouse find an easier method of resolving your divorce through alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs), allowing for a more amicable split.

How A Non-Conflict Divorce Can Help You

While this option most commonly benefits couples without children, married parents can also pursue this option. Attorney Smith works with both parties to collaboratively decide how assets will be divided, what kind of spousal maintenance or alimony is necessary, and how other difficult matters will be resolved. The goal of this option is to avoid the risk of having a judge come to a decision that neither party prefers when they can work together on their own to reach an agreeable outcome through ADRs like mediation or collaboration.

Tara can also help couples who are pursuing a divorce on their own and just need some help with the finishing touches, so they can move into the next chapter of their lives. Pursuing a non-conflict divorce can prevent you from sacrificing more time, money and energy than necessary to receive an outcome that may leave you with years of regret.

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