Simplifying The Legal Process Of Divorce And Family Law For Our Clients

Protecting Your Future Throughout A Divorce

It is no secret how large of an impact a divorce can have on your life. When trying to navigate the complex challenges of a divorce, having a knowledgeable and skilled guide at your side can make the difference in whether your divorce leaves you with regret or not.

At Smith Family Law PLLC, you can find a Minnesota attorney with more than a decade of legal experience. Tara L. Smith knows what is at stake in a divorce, and she is ready to fight to secure the ideal outcome in yours. By taking the time to understand your unique needs, she develops a custom-tailored strategy to help you through any of the challenges in your divorce.

What To Prepare For In Your Divorce

Trying to get through your divorce without the guidance of a lawyer can bear the risk of giving up more than you have to at the end of the day. You need to be ready for many different factors in your divorce, whether you are pursuing a contested or uncontested conflict-less divorce. Tara can help you identify your goals and defend them through issues like:

Tara knows that these issues do not just impact your future but also shape how your child develops as well. She also knows the urgency her clients have to settle things quickly; Tara provides her clients with swift and effective results without sacrificing the quality of the outcome.

Begin Building Your Preparation Today

Experiencing divorce (marital dissolution) involves taking challenging steps and making difficult, yet essential decisions about your future. Divorce requires dividing assets and debts as well as determining custody, parenting time, and financial support for a child or spouse, all in accordance with the complex nuances of Minnesota law. The legal process can be stressful both emotionally and financially, even more so without an experienced divorce attorney by your side to protect your interests.

As a divorce lawyer, Tara L. Smith strives to ease the disruption of divorce in your life and offer clarity when you most need it. Smith Family Law PLLC represents clients through every stage of divorce, including mediation, negotiation, settlement, and, when necessary, litigation. Working together with you, she gathers the information you need to make informed decisions while providing you with the options to proceed with confidence. She has the skills, resources, and experience to successfully help you through an amicable or not-so-amicable (contested) divorce with the dignity and service you deserve.

Assistance For Those Who Have Already Divorced

If you are already divorced or have a court order as a never-married parent, you may wish to modify a prior custody arrangement, parenting time schedule, or child support or spousal maintenance obligation. Tara assists both former and new clients in considering whether a post-decree modification may be necessary when incomes increase or decrease, parents relocate or remarry, or children emancipate; or when there are significant parenting time challenges and other ongoing disagreements.

However, because each of these types of modification requires meeting several elements of complex Minnesota statutes, Tara provides thoughtful analysis to either support or defend any claim for modification. She represents and guides clients through every step of modification matters, including gathering relevant information, mediation, negotiation, settlement, and, when necessary, litigation.

Get Help From A Compassionate Attorney Today

Whether your spouse just filed for divorce or you are planning on filing yourself, or you need to modify a divorce decree, now is the best time to reach out to a skilled lawyer. Time is one of the most valuable assets in a divorce, so give your attorney as much time as possible by contacting Tara’s Edina office today. Call her at (612) 474-2477 or email her here to schedule your initial consultation to take the first step in your divorce preparation.

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